More than 30 years ago, we began as a local General Contractor, now having expanded nationally, delivering projects in both small and large markets across several states. Our philosophy has always focused on relationship first—and that comes from the top. President Daniel Wells has always approached the industry with a client-centered mentality. We value our relationships with our clients and that is why the majority of our growth involves repeated business with those clients. Most of our work is negotiated, which is also attributed to the respect we have earned over the years. Our relationship-based approach not only extends to clients, but also to subcontractors, suppliers, and design professionals with whom we have also developed strong and lasting relationships.

Every successful project requires a great team, and we have worked diligently the past several decades to build the foundation for achievement in our industry by assembling reputable, respectable, and reliable owners, design professionals, subcontractors and suppliers to complete every project vision from the planning stages through the final stages of construction.