The Design-Assist approach provides our clients and their design professionals the benefit of partnering with Wells and Wells throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of the project. This collaborative approach maintains the traditional contracting structure while incorporating input from our experienced team regarding means and methods, cost-estimating and scheduling. We are actively engaged early in the design process with the client’s design professionals. In some instances, Wells and Wells has partnered with trusted structural and MEP design professionals as they provide a wealth of knowledge, experience, and synergy, and we have welcomed them as official project team members. As a result of this combined knowledge and experience of multiple team members, design professionals, and relationship-based subcontractors, this approach helps us achieve sizable cost savings for our clients. Finally, Design-Assist provides many of the same benefits as Design-Build, however, the responsibility for the work of the Architect and/or Engineer of Record is retained by the client.